Saba Mehkri critique paper - Saba Mehkri James Kunstler's...

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Saba Mehkri James Kunstler’s The End of Oil Critique James Kunstler is a well known novelist and journalist who is known to pick topics which are based around the economy, the environment, urban and social issues; it is not surprise that Kunstler chose to discuss the problem of oil in the world and included his article “The End of Oil” in his book which is called The Long Emergency . Kunstler decided to discuss the issue of oil because of the negligence present in society as far as how severe the loss of oil can really be and how close the world is to losing oil. Kustler just wants to show the average mind the severity of the oil crisis and how many “oil dependent” societies may begin to collapse unless a new source of energy is found to replace oil or slow down its consumption. Kunstler writes about society’s negligence in the oil emergency and describes the ways that society will fail to function without proper oil supply or some sort of alternative to oil as a primary source of energy. Kunstler describes how when the prices of oil initially rose drastically the next day there was an article describing the price rising on page 6 of a newspaper. Kunstler discusses how society cannot be exposed to too much reality and would rather live within a protective bubble. The author depicts the depressing state of the United States in regards to oil consumption. Kunstler discusses how two thirds of all oil in the United States is being imported which helps other countries become richer and the United States to face a larger budget deficit. He describes how the profuse oil drilling in areas within the United States where oil has been reported has not been very helpful because of the fact that the majority of this oil will not ever be able to be extracted because of the difficulty to drill in certain areas. According to the author the areas which are still oil abundant are not on good terms with the United States which may ultimately lead the United States to do terms with countries considered enemies. He then goes on to
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Saba Mehkri critique paper - Saba Mehkri James Kunstler's...

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