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Moe Matarieh Prof. Millsap-Spears- 008 September 18, 2009 Essay #2 Essay2 Story telling is the art of expressing one’s feelings or life experiences verbally. Being an infant I was always entertained by them, because many stories that I have heard were quite interesting. Whenever someone is telling me a story of their past life, I always paint a picture in my head especially when the person is being very descriptive. People tell stories not only to entertain but also to give a lesson through life, to tell people they have gone through this experience before and telling audiences not to make the same mistake they have made. The novel, Interview with a Vampire is about story telling because Louis wanted to tell the little boy everything that had happened in his life. On Dick Gordon’s talk show I found an article called “ADHD and me”. The reason I picked this article is because some of these facts have many things in common throughout my life. Stories can be about anything; for example your friends telling you how they went to jail for a night because something they have done that was against the law. We look at the past and laugh about stories like these. In order for me to be entertained when somebody is telling me a story they have to be very descriptive to the point where I am
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actually visualizing what is exactly going on. Even fantasy stories grab my attention, I remember when I was in kindergarten our teachers would always tell us fantasy stories and I would always be the one right in front of her while all the other kids were napping. Whenever I read a book I don’t as much of a full visual as I do when somebody is telling me a story, because I am a better listener. My favorite interest in story telling is when someone has actually been in that situation and has experienced what they are describing. For example, World War 2 or Vietnam veterans have a lot of stories to tell whether they are very tragic and depressing and somewhere they can look back and laugh. Having ADHD also known as Deficit Hyperactivity disorder can be very hard on children. Blake Taylor is somebody who over powered this disorder by taking medications daily and finding other activities to do to keep himself busy. He was first diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5; ever since that day he could not manage to settle down. He found it hard to control his personality on a day to day basis. For example, he
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vampire - Moe Matarieh Prof. Millsap-Spears- 008 September...

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