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The law of life - first but gives up in the end Feedback...

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The law of life written by Jack London 9670103 Salina w 11 w Summary Old Koskoosh was the former chief of a tribe. He is blind and lame now, and his tribe is preparing to leave him alone in the snow to face his death as they travel on without him. His son left him a pile of sticks to keep warm for the rest time of his life. When the fire dies, so will he. As he waits alone for death, he thinks of the time he left his own father in the snow. He also remembers that he had seen an old, sick moose killed by wolves when it straggled behind the rest of the herd. He realizes that it is the law of all life. When the packs of hungry wolves circle around him, he fights them off
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Unformatted text preview: first, but gives up in the end. Feedback It’s hard for me to imagine that leaving my family alone when they are facing the end of their lives. In oriental society, the familial bonds are very strong. It would be regarded as immortal action if a man did what Koskoosh’s son did in the story. But due to the difficult conditions there, it’s hard to make their starving stomachs full, not to mention taking care of a dying man. If I were in the situation, though it is a sad ending of my life, I’d do the same as Koskoosh did, at least, my body could contribute to the world at last....
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