Fina Exam (Spring 2007) - Current International Events and...

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Unformatted text preview: Current International Events and English Communication Spring 2007 Final Examination I. ACRONYMS 1. CAIR ______________________________________________________________ 2. DPP ______________________________________________________________ 3. FBI ______________________________________________________________ 4. ICC _______________________________________________________________ 5. ICTR _______________________________________________________________ 6. IPCC _______________________________________________________________ 7. KMT _______________________________________________________________ 8. OFAC _______________________________________________________________ 9. TRC ________________________________________________________________ 10. UN _________________________________________________________________ II. WORD CHOICE 1. After Ukraine president dissolved the parliament, the ruling coalition promptly (denounced, pronounced) the president and refused to budge. 2. The debate over whether Taiwan’s liberal laws on abortion should be amended to (expose, impose) a compulsory waiting period for women seeking abortion has been put on the legislative agenda. 3. At the heart of the controversy are Americans' concern about terrorism, ignorance about Islam, and constitutional (guarantees, warrantees) of freedom of religion and speech. 4. The president of Sudan has (consistently, insistently) resisted all diplomatic moves to let the small and ineffectual African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur to be beefed up with better-equipped UN troops. 1 5. Observers worry that Burundi’s leaders will use “reconciliation” to ensure (impunity, impurity) for their own war crimes. 6. If a dispute arose, they would call together (aggrieved, grieved) parties, hear their stories, proclaim the official truth, and mete out judgment. 7. At this early stage in the TRC’s existence, there isn’t yet (anonymity, unanimity) of vision among the members. 8. It’s the American-style approach to justice that she hopes to (defuse, infuse) in the TRC;s deliberation. 9. We’ve got to learn to use energy more (effectively, efficiently) and we’ve got to reduce our consumption of energy. 10. These commanders might scurry to testify – to try to persuade the TRC not to recommend them for (persecution, prosecution) 11. The Supreme Court ruling on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act (invoked, provoked) a firestorm among abortion rights advocates. . 12. The lack of a health exception does not automatically render the (stature, statute) unconstitutional 13. if individuals can be sued for making complaints that turn out to be false, it may (discourage, encourage) others from reporting suspicious activity....
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Fina Exam (Spring 2007) - Current International Events and...

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