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1010 IMRD Assignment - *29294 Technical Writing...

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****29294 Technical Writing INTRODUCTION Over the past few years, the price for textbooks has skyrocketed. Although familiar with the costs associated with college, I am still learning how to avoid incurring an insurmountable debt upon graduation. For my own curiosity and benefit, I wanted to see if there were any solutions to help diffuse the cost of textbooks. I turned to the internet, as most students often do, to help find an answer. Communities of other distressed students in similar situations were found; most looking to purchase used textbooks at reasonable prices, and some willing to sell at a bargain compared to the bookstore. METHODS I first googled “used textbooks”. Within seconds, the search engine presented millions of results. After going through several sites, Amazon.com seemed to be the most reputable. Amazon’s home page was easy to navigate and a search only required the name of the textbook needed. The search results provided a list of sellers who were offering books at prices as low as half of what the school was charging. In fact, for the textbook titled
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