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1010 Language Essay - *29294 ENG-1010-20 Today at work I...

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****29294 ENG-1010-20 Today at work I received an inbound call from a borrower. She informed me that she was trying to get title IV. She told me that her loans were in deferment; I checked her account and the loans were in default. I advised the borrower, but she insisted that the loans were supposed to be in deferment. After asking several questions, I learned that the borrowed never signed paperwork after she received it. I gave the borrower several options to be eligible for Title IV again and remove the I9 as well. I explained the William D. Ford, rehabilitation, and neg-am. The borrower said that she would have to call back tomorrow. I gave the borrower our phone number and APE’d the file. I also noted the POS directory. The note entered was “ t/c frm br// std denied title IV// br std thought loans dif// adv nvr rcvd dif pprwrk// adv of I-9// adv of options to rec title IV and rmv I9//sol rehab, WDF, can nt PIF //br stated nd to cb// APEd file //gv cb # ”.
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