1010 Major Assignment

1010 Major Assignment - *29294 ENG-1010-20- Internal...

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****29294 ENG-1010-20- Internal Proposal In South Africa, 37,000 years ago, ancestors of civilization marked notches on a stick to help calculate and monitor the phases of the moon; since that period, concepts of applied mathematics have been an indispensable evolutionary tool in propelling progress, measuring results, and shaping the development of mankind. We have been so successful at this practice of computation that many of the planet’s challenges have been solved. We have understood, mastered, and efficiently applied mathematic strategies to enable preservation with supernatural and boundless success, never asking “What are the limits?”, but instead wondering “How far can we go?” An Inconvenient Limit Just as individuals did in the dawn civilization, we use mathematics today as a means extract, gather, and distribute resources that ensure survival. This progress, the promotion of life, ability to mass produce, and development of civilizations has extended life expectancies, reduced mortality rates, and fostered expansion for humans. Although
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1010 Major Assignment - *29294 ENG-1010-20- Internal...

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