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Ch. 10 Assign. - income/assets 1.35 0.95 0.43 Net...

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FIN 2976 – Chapter 10 Internet Assignment Chapter 10 Bank Investments and Performance Visit the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Website at www.fdic.gov/deposit/index.html . Click on “Bank Find”, enter the bank name. Then click on “Last Financial Information”. In the drop down box entitled “ID Report Selections” select “Performance and Condition Ratios.” Fill in the following table and answer the question that follows. Save the file and resend to me via the assignment manager. Ratio Meaning of ratio? Fifth Third Bank US Bank, OH PNC Bank, National Association (PA Net Interest Margin Interest on interest- bearing assets 1.17% 3.68% 3.55% Net Operating Income to Assets Operating
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Unformatted text preview: income/assets 1.35% 0.95% 0.43% Net Charge-off rate charge offs/ "current" loans 1.61% 1.65% 1.27% Non-interest income to assets income (excluding interest)/assets 4.38% 3.45% 1.69% Efficiency Ratio revenue/expenses 58.22% 44.44% 62.80% Return on Assets return/assets 1.40% 0.96% 0.11% Return on Equity return/equity 17.65% 11.63% 1.42% Capital Ratio Total risk-based capital/ assets 11.46% 10.80% 11.13% Which of the three banks is in the best financial health and why? Based on these numbers, Fifth Third is the most healthy. It has a comparable charge off rate to the other banks. Also, a huge return on equity, the largest capital ratio, and largest return on assets....
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