Drama Journal 1

Drama Journal 1 - is upside down” (Stanley 42). She has...

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2. What does Sister James have doubts about? By creating the character of Sister James, what is the author trying to say about doubt? Sister James has doubts first about being the kind of teacher that Sister Aloysius wants her to be. Sister Aloysius believes “Be hard on the bright ones, Sister James. Don’t be charmed by cleverness. Not theirs. And not yours”(Stanley 11). However, Sister James believes that being strict is not the answer to produce successful students. Her personality reveals kindness and because of Sister Aloysius, Sister James doubts her own kindness toward the students. She is apologetic for her teaching nature when talking to Sister Aloysius stating, “I’ll pay attention to my class. And I’ll try not to perform. And I’ll try to be less innocent. I’m sorry you’re disappointed in me. Please know that I will try my best. Honestly” (Stanley 15). Sister James also has doubts about the accusations against Father Flynn. When talking with Father Flynn outside on a bench she tells him, “I feel as if everything
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Unformatted text preview: is upside down” (Stanley 42). She has become the witness and middle point in the argument between Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn. She wants to be favored by Sister Aloysius but does not believe that her accusations prove that Father Flynn is a child molester. By the end of their conversation, Sister James took the side of the priest by saying “I don’t believe it” (Stanley 42). The question still remains about Sister James; does she believe that he is innocent or does she not want to believe that the life of the church would have immorality in it? The author is trying to make the readers see that even the innocent have doubts about the situations around them. Sister James did no wrong but still is caught with doubt of her abilities in the church. If an innocent nun has no chance of having a clear mind in the world, it casts doubt about the chances that worldly person would have clarity dealing with certainty in their own lives....
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Drama Journal 1 - is upside down” (Stanley 42). She has...

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