Drama Journal 7

Drama Journal 7 - Chris Pasquariello Andrea Leslie Drama...

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Unformatted text preview: Chris Pasquariello Andrea Leslie Drama 1051-40; Journal 7 March 25, 2010 The NPR interview I selected introduces the movie to the public on its opening day. John Shanley identifies the setting and church that was filmed, the church school of his youth, St. Anthonys. Shanley describes the setting of the Bronx in 1964 as working class, the buildings grimy from coal-burning fireplaces, and predominately Irish and Roman Catholic. The interviewers first question is in reference to Aloysius stoic demeanor and references Father Flynns characterization of the nun being a dragon. Shanley quickly defends the character stating dragons can be great foes or great allies and suggests that when children are in trouble, sometimes the best protection is a dragon. The interviewer again questions Aloysius convictions, especially the nuns rant after confiscating a ball point pen. Shanley again defends the character stating, Shes right. Penmanship has died a terrible death in this country. A question is conveyed to the juxtaposition between how the priests have dinner, eating, drinking, and smoking, while the nuns are drinking milk and eating gristle in silence. Shanley explains the real-life contrast between priests and nuns and how the play simply reflects their entirely different experiences...
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Drama Journal 7 - Chris Pasquariello Andrea Leslie Drama...

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