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Drama NorthKorea Essay

Drama NorthKorea Essay - Chris Pasquariello Andrea Leslie...

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Chris Pasquariello Andrea Leslie Drama 1051-40; Inside North Korea (Extra Credit) April 11, 2010 “Inside North Korea” is a revealing documentary of the most insular and secretive country in the world. It has become routine for the outside world to only receive fragmented, yet consistent, information about what life really is like inside North Korea. The film showed a side of the dictatorship which I had not previously been exposed, despite my moderate level of curiosity in the information available on the web, newspapers, and other documentaries. The film begins with general information about North Korea. The introduction briefly touches on the plutonium resources and structure of the regime. The significance of the 38 th parallel and history of the Korean peninsula are discussed; as well as the widely known isolation of the people, and fact that modern technology, information, cell phones, and internet are not allowed. However, the film soon reveals much more than the common knowledge about the
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area; in regards to medical care, basic human dignities, and concentration camps in the region, I was completely shocked at what I had watched in the documentary. When I had read articles on the lack of, or substandard, medical care in North Korea, I usually thought of the worst hospitals I had ever seen on television or movies. The images displayed of the hospitals in North Korea were far-below my expectations. Seeing a baby hooked
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