Eng Buddha vs Jesus Essay

Eng Buddha vs Jesus Essay - P a g e | 1 Compare and...

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P a g e  | 1 Compare and Contrast: Buddha and Jesus Chris Pasquariello Instructor Harris English 1001-05 3/11/09
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P a g e  | 2 Buddha and Jesus Over the years people have found comfort in the words of great leaders. Great leaders are marked by their ability to stand out among the crowd, to speak flawlessly, but above all to deliver unique teachings or beliefs that expand the current views of the time period. Two of the most influential people in history are Siddhattha Guatama, also known as the Supreme Buddha, and Jesus of Nazereth, also known as Jesus Christ. Both men marked their own way through history with their teachings and exemplified the ability to expand beyond the normal lifestyles of the period. The two men entered into this world through different means. Siddhattha was born in 623 BC; as records detail, the night was a full moon in May. His mother, Queen Maha Maya, died not long after his birth. Siddhattha was then given to his aunt. His father lavished him with gifts and tried desperately to shield the prince from the common-man’s life. When Siddhattha reached the age of sixteen, he married his beautiful cousin and they later became parents to one son. Despite his father’s efforts to distract him from the world, Siddartha was greatly disturbed when he witnessed an old man for the first time. After this encounter, his lavish lifestyle would not be enough to convince Siddhattha to continue his course so at 29 years old he left his wife and child to set out on a journey for truth in the world. Shedding all the markers of a prince, he placed himself in the center of the common-man’s world which entailed poverty, sorrow, and struggles with human desire. Later in his life, Siddhattha reached the highest level of meditation and self- discovery in becoming the Supreme Buddha. Jesus’ story takes place at a later time in history. Jesus was born around 6 B.C. His birth
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Eng Buddha vs Jesus Essay - P a g e | 1 Compare and...

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