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Eng Scuba Essay - 1 Process Analysis SCUBA Safety Process...

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1 Process Analysis : SCUBA Safety Process Analysis : SCUBA Safety Chris Pasquariello Instructor Harris English 1001-05 04/01/09
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2 Process Analysis : SCUBA Safety More than 90 deaths are reported each year from SCUBA diving; compared to only 30 yearly deaths from parachuting accidents in the United States, the fatality rate for SCUBA diving may seem high. 1 There are many ways to avoid injury and death while participating in a SCUBA dive. The activity is complicated, involving expensive, high- tech equipment and occurring most often in foreign, sometimes dangerous, environments. Preparing for each dive is the responsibility of each diver and, if done correctly, can minimize the risks associated with the sport. Two safety rules in particular, using a buddy and thorough preparation, can coincide to help in the preparation process before a dive and help ensure the safety of the trip, as well as add a little fun. Many accidents and injuries happen while a diver is underwater alone. A practice called the buddy-system is commonly used to prevent such events from happening. Before each dive, buddies double check each other’s equipment and go thru safety checklists together as a preventative measure. It also ensures that in case of an emergency, someone is there for immediate assistance. A buddy can share missing or malfunctioning equipment, like extra weights or a compass; in extreme emergencies, buddies can be a vital asset as they can supply air from their tanks or emergency first aid. The planning of a dive starts as soon as the decision is made to go SCUBA diving. At this stage you select a buddy, establish dive objectives, choose a dive site, and determine the best time to dive. It’s a good idea to have a common objective with your
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Eng Scuba Essay - 1 Process Analysis SCUBA Safety Process...

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