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EG243 Control Systems 09 AnsQ3 - [8 marks} s-plane:. time::...

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Page:30f5 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING EXAMINATION MODEL ANSWER SHEET Paper Title: Paper No: EG-243 Question No MAY/JUNE 2009 Examiner(s): JSM Marks 3. (a) The root locus plots the solutions to the CE in the complex s plane as the root-locus gain K vari~ (for normal negative feedback systems, from zero upwards), The resultant is a set on loci, the number ~ loc~ " coo responding to the order of the system, indicating the closed-loop poles as K varies. Thus the approach provides a graphical representation of solution to the characteristic equation, 1+GH = o. The solution gives the closed loop poles which in turn give an indication of the nature of the system closed loop response.
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Unformatted text preview: [8 marks} s-plane:. time:: jW ste; ,-----oJ 'f t 3 •.•• cY step .-----'iP f-(ii) critically damped poles on real axis, limit of K for non oscillatory response (b) (i) overdamped: poles on real axis, non oscillatory response , (iii) underdamped poles off real axis, decaying oscillatory response (iv) undamped poles off real axis, on jw axis (or RH plane) non-decaying oscillatory response .Note (i), (ii) and (iii), poles in LH plane. )( )( [10 marks} JSMJEG-243 09...
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