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EG-260 @Avril Slone 2007 EG260 Dynamics - Example Sheet 2 Single degree of freedom systems 1. Develop the equations of motion and hence obtain the natural angular frequencies of the following systems: i) A mass-spring-bar system (shown below left), assuming that the bar is light (i.e. no mass) and rigid (i.e. cannot bend) and is hinged at the support. ii) The flywheel is supported at the top and is allowed to oscillate on the vertical plane (shown below right). 2. The plate, with total mass m and radius r, is suspended by three wires (of length l ) and oscillates about a vertical axis through its centre, i.e. a circular motion. Find the mass moment of inertia about the vertical axis, I G . Determine also the equation of motion and the natural frequency. 3. A spherical ball of radius R floats half submerged in water. If the ball is depressed slightly and then released, determine the period of the resulting oscillation when
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