Project 1 KEY - techniques discussed in chapters 1,2,3 The...

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NAME: Project 1 KEY Super Bowl Point Spreads The following data represent the number of points by which the winning team won Super Bowls I to XXXIX: 25 10 10 1 15 19 4 29 13 7 9 18 22 35 27 16 17 36 17 3 3 4
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19 23 27 21 12 32 10 3 7 17 4 14 3 17 5 45 7 You will be graded on three basic levels: ability to use MINITAB, statistical written explanation, and proper use of English. Describe the data. HINT: Use MINITAB (include a copy of the output in your word document); you might want to investigate whether or not there is symmetry: Write a short but detailed summary of the shape, center, spread, and outlier, etc, using the various graphical and numerical
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Unformatted text preview: techniques discussed in chapters 1,2,3. The mean is 15.538 and the median is 15.000; the range is (45-1), 44, the interquartile range is (22-7), 15, and the standard deviation is 10.714. There appears to be one outlier, 45, (see box plot). The Super Bowl spreads appear to be skewed right ( the mean is greater than the median.) The Anderson-Darling p-value (.088) is greater than .05 which implies that the Super bowl data appear to have be sampled from a NORMAL distribution....
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Project 1 KEY - techniques discussed in chapters 1,2,3 The...

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