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HW - 3 Name: Key EE390 Section: ID No: 1. Make a list of the addressing modes available on the 8088 Register MOV AL,CH Immediate MOV BH, 12H Reg. Indirect MOV DH, [SI] Indexed MOV [SI+5], BL Based MOV AL, [BP] + 8 Based-Indexed MOV [SI][BX]+3 2. Assume registers AX, BX, and DI are all initialized to 0000H and that all the affected storage locations in data memory have been cleared. Determine the location and value of
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Unformatted text preview: the destination operand as the following instructions are executed MOV AX, 0110H Value 0110H is moved into AX. MOV DI, AX 0110H is copied into DI. MOV BL, AL 10H is copied into BL. MOV [0100H], AX 0110H is copied into memory address DS:0100H. MOV [DI]+4, AX 0110H is copied into memory address DS:0114H. ....
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