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Quiz2_soln2 - 01AC respectively what physical address of...

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HW - 2 Name: EE390 Section: ID No: 1. List four of the addressing modes that we have taken with example of each. Any 4 of these Register MOV AL,CH Immediate MOV BH, 12H Direct MOV [1234H], DX Reg. Indirect MOV DH, [SI] Indexed MOV [SI+5], BL Based MOV AL, [BP] + 8 Based-Indexed MOV [SI][BX]+3 2. If the current values in the code segment register and the instruction pointer are 0200 and
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Unformatted text preview: 01AC, respectively, what physical address of the instruction to be executed? PA= 200:01AC= 0211ACH 3. A data segment is to be located from address B0000 to BFFFF. What value must be loaded into DS. B000H...
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