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King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Electrical Engineering Department EE-390; Exam-2 Prob.1 Prob.2 Prob.3 Total Name : Section : 1 I.D. Answer all three questions. All three questions carry equal marks. 1(a). Find the address of Port A, Port B, Port C and the Control Reg. of the following 8255 interface to 8088 Microprocessor. Put your answer in Hex in the specified box below. D 7 -D 0 8255 D 7 -D 0 RD **Remember to use 0’s for don’t cares address pins. Port A (Physical address) (in Hex) Port B address (in Hex) Port C address (in Hex) Control Register address (in Hex) Control Reg. RD WR Reset WR Port A Microprocessor Interface Port B Reset A 1 A 0 Port C A 0 A 1 A 4 A 5 A 6 CS From the A 7 microprocessor A 8 address bus A 10 A 9 A 11 A 12 A 13 A 14 A 15 IO/M
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1(b). If the circuit of question 1(a) is operating in Mode-0 of Isolated I/O interface, write a program to; (a) Input data Byte using “Port-B” (b) Inverted Least Significant Nibble of the inputted data and Output them via
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Major2_exam_2_062_microprocessor_8086_digital_Assembly -...

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