Hydropower energy nedır

Hydropower energy nedır - Hydropower energy nedr...

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Unformatted text preview: Hydropower energy nedr Hydropower anergy ile barajlar su akntsn kontrol eder selleri onluyor Dger enerj turlerne gore daha az gaz emmsson eder bu da kuresel snma cn y brseydr On the other hand, hydropower projects do not export impacts such as acid rain or atmospheric pollution The amount of precipitation in any particular region usually varies from year to year but, over a long period, the average remains relatively constant. Turkey averages about 643 mm of precipitation annually, but the distribution is quite uneven. The range is from less than 250 mm in the inland areas of central Anatolia to more than 3,000 mm in the northeastern Black Sea coastal region. Autumn marks the start of the rainy season, which continues until late spring on the western and southeastern coasts; whereas the Black Sea coast receives rain throughout the year. This average annual precipitation corresponds to an average of 501 km 3 (501 billion m 3 ) of water per year. While 274 km 3 of this quantity returns to the atmosphere through evaporation transpiration, 69 km 3 feeds the aquifers through infiltration from the surface. Thus the average annual surface water potential is 186 km 3 , of which 158 km 3 comes from surface run-off and 28 km 3 of groundwater feeds the rivers. With a surface run-off of 7-km 3 volume coming from the neighboring countries, the total surface run-off within the country reaches 193 km 3 . However, from the economic and technical points of view, the average exploitable water potential of the country is 110 km 3 per year (DIE, 2004; DSI, 2004; EIE, 2004)....
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Hydropower energy nedır - Hydropower energy nedr...

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