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118Af08Syllabus - Chem 118A Organic Chemistry for Health...

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1 Chem 118A: Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Science This course will provide an introduction to the structures and reactions of organic compounds. Instructor Dean Tantillo [email protected] (expect a slow response time) blueline.ucdavis.edu course info available via SmartSite Head Teaching Assistant Michael Lodewyk ([email protected]) Meetings lectures : MWF, 4:10-5p, Chem 194 office hours (Tantillo) : Tues 2p-3p, Chem161 and Wed 11a-12n Chem161 midterm examinations : Mon, October 20 and Mon, November 17 (both 4:10p) final exam : Thu, December 11, 8a Texts and Tools • Vollhardt, K. P. C. and Schore, N. E. Organic Chemistry: Structure and Function, 5 th Edition . Freeman, 2007 (study guide/solution manual is also available) • We will cover Chapters 1 through 10, roughly in order (and a tiny bit of Ch. 11). “Supplementary Booklet for Laboratory/Discussion” • molecular models ESSENTIAL! Course Requirements 2 midterm exams : 100 points each, cumulative final examination : 250 points, cumulative lab quizzes : scaled to 50 points total reading quizzes : scaled to 50 points total totals : 2x100 + 250 + 50 + 50 = 550 total points possible
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2 My Expectations This class is not about memorization. It is about developing analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
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