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Final exam sample questions - Biological Sciences 101 Dr...

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Biological Sciences 101 Dr. Mark Sanders Sample Final Exam Questions 1. Nail patella syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder caused by a gene that is linked to the ABO blood group gene. Sandra has blood type B and has nail patella syndrome. Sandra’s father blood type A and no nail patella syndrome, and her mother has blood type B and nail patella syndrome. Sandra and Sam want to have children and have come to you for an assessment of their situation. Sam is blood type AB and no nail patella syndrome. The genes for ABO blood type and the gene for nail patella gene are 10 centimorgans (map units) apart. a. Draw the pedigree that includes the people identified in the problem and shows their phenotypes for the traits given. b. What is Sandra’s genotype? c. What is Sam’s genotype? d. What is the probability that three children produced by Sandra and San will be two with nail-patella syndrome and one who does not have the disease? Explain you answer. e. What is the probability Sandra and Sam’s first child will have blood type A and nail patella syndrome. Show your work.
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2. Use the genetic code printed in your textbook to complete the following table. Assume that transcription of the template strand is from left to right and that the columns represent transcriptional and translational alignments. Include the polarity of the DNA
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Final exam sample questions - Biological Sciences 101 Dr...

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