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MT 2 sample questions

MT 2 sample questions - 1 The phage P1 is used as a...

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1. The phage P1 is used as a generalized transducing phage in an experiment involving a donor strain of E. coli with the genotype leu + phe + ala + and a recipient strain that is leu - phe - ala - . In separate experiments, transducants are selected leu + in experiment A, for phe + in experiment B, and for ala + in experiment C. Following selection, transducant genotypes for the unselected markers are identified. a. What compound(s) is/are added to the minimal medium to select for transducants in experiment A? Selection experiment results below show the frequency of each genotype. Experiment A Experiment B Experiment C phe - ala - 26% leu - ala - 65% leu - phe - 71% phe + ala - 50% leu + ala - 48% leu + phe - 21% phe - ala + 19% leu - ala + 0% leu - phe + 0% phe + ala + 3% leu + ala + 4% leu + phe + 3% b. Use the information in the table above to determine the order of genes on the donor chromosome. c. Diagram the crossover events that form the most common cotransductant in experiment A. d. In experiment B, why are there no transducants with the genotype leu - ala + ?
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2. The lines below represent double-stranded eukaryotic DNA (top) and single-stranded mRNA (bottom). The DNA and mRNA are correctly aligned. For each item in the list below, carefully and accurately place the letter corresponding to the item on the appropriate line representing its nucleic acid location.
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