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Notes 12-3 - 12-5

Notes 12-3 - 12-5 - Tlepolemus(an Achaean that invaded troy...

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12/3/07 Tlepolemus (an Achaean that invaded troy book four (son of Hercules vs the son of Zeus) ) and Charite (grace) • Botched escape of Lucius and Charite (old women who tells the tales tries to catch him) • Punishment: Charite to slowly die within the carcass of the ass Lucius is being cut up and Charite is placed naked into the stomach of the man and then he is sewn up and left to die—nasty • Tlepolemus disguised (like Cupid); recommends prostitution for Charite- as a bandit and sees the girl and “saves” her by recommending the prostitution • Rescue; punishment of the bandits • A philosophical myth? Charite (Grace) encased in matter, rescued by true love (the ultimate danger) Daimonon Charis (grace) Trials of Lucius • No reward, but exploitation at the Stud-Farm (run free and not have to work and have sex with the mares) – the male horses get upset he can’t fight them • The malicious ass-boy (his boss)- bad news, mischievous and nasty kid, loads the mule up with to much wood and take it up the mountain when he can’t carry the load he just beats him or ties thorns to his tail- pooping on the face of the women • Story of Tlepolemus, Thrasyllus, and Charite (people say things around the mule that the don’t want people to hear, not knowing that the mule with write a book later reveling all of this) • “My name is Poison” (pg 179)Thrasyllus- sets up Tlepolemus to kill him spearing the bore and the bore is goring him, vengeance for killing Tlepolmus, will marry Thrasyllus and sleep with him but poisons him—she is not grace, but poison to Thrasyllus
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