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Unformatted text preview: 1 OUTLINE Subphylum Vertebrata Fishes I Animal Diversity 5 th Ed. Chapter 16, Pages 317 - 340 4 th Ed. Chapter 16, Pages 310 - 333 2. Class Myxini Hagfish 1. Introduction 3. Class Cephalaspidomorphi Lampreys Lecture 17 - 1 INTRODUCTION- early vertebrates substantially larger than protochordates- living endoskeleton acting as a framework for the body and internal supportive structure - segmented body muscles altered from V-shaped cephalochordate form to W-shaped vertebrate form Musculoskeletal modifications Sacabambaspis Lecture 17 - 2 2- respiratory and circulatory systems modified to support metabolic demands of large size and active food-seeking lifestyle- pharynx modified into a muscular pump passing water across internal gills + chambered heart to pump blood around body INTRODUCTION Physiological modifications Lecture 17 - 3- active predatory lifestyles require new sensory, motor and integrative control mechanisms for locating and capturing food- sense organs designed for distance reception evolved; INTRODUCTION 1. Sophisticated Eyes Sensory system modifications 2. Pressure receptors- inner ears (equilibrium/sound) 3. Chemical Receptors- olfactory organs 4. Lateral-line Receptors- vibrations in water 5. Electrical Receptors- ampullary organs Lecture 17 - 4 3...
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http___www.yorku.ca_spk_animals2009_2030lecture17(2) - 1...

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