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290a9ff59a6bd41b99e0270f607427db3f8c17fc SENECA COLLEGE OF APPLIED TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF COMPUTER STUDIES Term Test Two Version B SEMESTER SUBJECT CODE Winter 2010 PC Hardware 1 HWD101 TIME ALLOWED: 1 Hour: 40 Minutes NAME _______________________________________________________ STUDENT NUMBER: _______________________ SECTION: _____ QUESTIONS PART A TRUE or FALSE 10 Marks PART B ANSWERS 45 Marks TOTAL 55 Marks SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Aids Allowed: One 8 ½” x 11” page, two-sided, in your handwriting only, (no photocopies),to be handed in with the test and not returned. The official text book (18 th or 19 th edition) No electronic devices or dictionaries allowed. All questions must be answered on the exam paper. SECTION 8.9 OF SENECA COLLEGE ACADEMIC POLICY: CHEATING is an offence that will not be tolerated by the college. Such offences occur when a student violates the procedures governing the administration of examinations, tests or other means of evaluating student achievement in a subject or program. 1
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PART A True or False 1. With reference to the organization of IDE storage, a cylinder is defined as a collection of like-numbered tracks. ( T / F) 2. Each type of adapter card must contain a BIOS chip. (T / F ) 3. The physical partitioning of optical type storage into tracks and sectors is called low-level formatting (T / F ) 4. Parity checking is used to detect encoding errors in magnetic memory using a ninth bit for every byte. ( T / F) 5. A binary byte consists of 4 bits. (T / F ) 6. A serial interface accesses data in random order. (T / F ) 7. Amplitude refers to loudness of a tone. ( T / F) 8.
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