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463c159c104aede0e7ada708d9f37ab53664ae12 Page 1 of 5 Hardware101 Name ___________________ Term Test 1 Student ID___________________ Section______________________ Duration: 45 minutes Total Marks: 45 Value: 8% of total semester mark Instructions: Complete all sections. Answer multiple choice and true/false questions in pen only. Use the back side of test pages where additional space is required. Note the number of marks allocated per question. You must supply one correct statement or one correct answer to receive one mark, unless otherwise indicated. For example, a question that has a value of three marks requires three correct statements. (This is not the same as one correct statement made in three different ways.) For multiple choice questions Circle the correct option . Each Multiple choice question is worth a 1 mark . 1) A “PC System” can be thought of as consisting of four parts. These are: E a) Hardware, Operator, User Interface and Output Devices b) Case, Power Supply, Motherboard and Input Devices c) Hardware, BIOS, Application Software and Operating System d) Power Supply, Motherboard, Memory and Magnetic Storage e) None of the above 2) The type of adapter card that can be expected to contain onboard ROM BIOS information is: E a) Network Adapter Card b) Video Adapter Card c) SCSI Adapter Card d) IDE or Floppy Upgrade Card e) All of the above 3) Hub technology was introduced to PC architecture because? E a) It is slower b) It shares the PCI bus with other devices c) It is designed to reduce ESD and heat generation d) All of the above e) None of the above
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463c159c104aede0e7ada708d9f37ab53664ae12 Page 2 of 5 4) Pentium processors were the first to use? D a) only2.5 volts b) Quad data pipelines c) 64 bit internal registers d) Superscalar technology
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HWD101W2010T1V2answers -...

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