Axia College Survival Guide

Axia College Survival Guide - Axia College Survival Guide...

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Axia College Survival Guide First off to start make sure you have a good portable device, Use it when you are going out of town or you’re just traveling. Portable device's come in many different forms; you can get them in forms of 2 GB to 8 GB. Always remember that if you are not sure if you are not going to be able to get to your computer always bring your device. University Library - The University Library provides a large selection of reliable academic content and support services to aid in the research of information. The library contains many different data bases from which information on different subjects can be collected. Center for Writing Excellence - There are a few useful tools available in the Center for Writing Excellence. This is where a paper can be submitted to WritePoint and Plagiarism Checker. WritePoint is an automated program that reviews work and provides feedback on basic grammar and readability of the paper. This is only an automated system and does not replace manual proofreading of work. The Plagiarism Checker helps ensure the originality of your work. When a paper is submitted, it checks and identifies material written by another author. This enable the student to correct a properly cite information contained in the paper. Another tool available in this section is the tutorials and guides. The tutorials and guides are designed to help students improve their grammar and writing skills by providing them with information on grammar principles, learning the writing process and formatting academic essays.
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Axia College Survival Guide - Axia College Survival Guide...

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