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CIS 758 Software Engineering Project Course Syllabus Autumn 2004 [Updated:5/20/2010 15:13:40 a5/p5] Table of Contents Course Information Course Description Course Objectives Means for Approaching Course Objectives Readings Grading Criteria Course Policies Expected Class Schedule ________________________________________________ Course Information Instructor: Dr. Rajiv Ramnath. Office: Dreese Labs 291 Office Hours: See web-site, or by appointment and email Contact: 292-9358, [email protected] Web: Newsgroup: cis.course.cis758 Class Hours: TR 9:30pm - 10:48pm, 314 Bolz Hall Prerequisite: CIS 757 Students: Seniors and graduate students Credit: 4 UG credit hours Teaching assistant: Kyle Boon, [email protected] ________________________________________________ Course Description Catalog description: Principles and applications of programming team organization, cost estimation, scheduling, requirements analysis, documentation, programming in the large, group reviews, testing, and debugging. Group term project. Additional Notes: In this course, I will (try to!) give you real-world experience in software development. The emphasis will be on a group project done under industrial constraints, and hopefully, with industrial sponsorship. The learning will take place because of interaction amongst you and with me, and self-study. The classroom will serve mainly to channel this overall learning. ________________________________________________ Course Objectives The major objective of this course is to ready you for the marketplace by exercising the knowledge you have gained in previous software and software engineering courses. Specifically, upon completing this course, you will have applied your knowledge in: Software design Driven by non-functional requirements—scalability, security, usability and performance Generating and evaluating design alternatives Pattern-based software design CIS 758 Syllabus, Instructor: Rajiv Ramnath 1
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The process of developing software: Configuration management Project management—planning, team structure, roles and responsibilities Incremental and iterative, workbook-centered, object-oriented, agile, lean software development Project planning Business issues in software development Presenting work to an audience of peers Specific tools and techniques that you will use are: Object oriented analysis, design and implementation work-products. Lean software engineering. Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation for some of the above work products. Configuration management tools (RCS, SCCS, Ant, Make, or other), and other miscellaneous tools – Web authoring tools, Word processing tools etc. J2EE tools and components—Java 2 SDK, servlets, JDBC, JUnit.
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Syllabus - CIS 758 Software Engineering Project Course...

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