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BIS 104 PQ #26 ans fall 08 26. EXPERIMENT 1: When peripheral sensory neurons were co-cultured with PECAM-1– positive / ephrinB2 – negative ECs in vitro for two days, ~ 50% of the ECs differentiated. ECs cultured in the absence of PSNs failed to differentiate. EXPERIMENT 2: When the same experiment (ECs + PSNs x two days) was done in the presence of soluble VEGF receptor proteins, the endothelial cells failed to differentiate. What can be concluded when we consider the combined
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Unformatted text preview: results of these two experiments? Results from experiment #1 show that neurons can induce the differentiation of approximately half of the population of ECs; the other half of the EC population fails to respond to the presence of neurons. Results from experiment #2 strongly suggest that the induction of ECs is mediated by soluble VEGF protein released from neurons. Therefore, ECs are induced to differentiate into arterial cells by VEGF protein produced by neurons....
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