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Lecture Outline for lectures 1-6 These outlines will be provided online for all lectures. You’ll be able to follow the course of the lecture with these, though some bits may be added or removed depending on time constraints. Use them to organize your thoughts as you take or review notes. In addition, they’ll help you to determine what to focus on in textbook readings—pay special attention to the vocabulary lists, as the amount of vocab I think it necessary for you to learn at this stage is rather less than what you’ll find in the textbook. These vocab lists are guidelines, but not necessarily definitive. FOR LAB 1 Lecture 1 Overview Course content & syllabus review Importance of plants What is a plant? How is it different from an animal? Plant organization Cells, tissues, organs Meristems Seeds Vocabulary: seed coat, cotyledon, endosperm, embryo, radicle, leaf primordium, monocot, dicot, shoot system, SAM (shoot apical meristem) General definition and description of seeds Bean/dicot seed Corn/monocot seed Seedlings Vocabulary: taproot, fibrous root; leaf sheath, blade, petiole, axillary bud, simple and compound leaves; node, internode, shoot tip Development Bean/dicot seedling Corn/monocot seedling Growth patterns Organ modifications Vocabulary: asexual reproduction/vegetative propagation Functions of modifications
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Lecture+Outline+1 - Lecture Outline for lectures 1-6 These...

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