COM 316 Exam 2 Study Guide

COM 316 Exam 2 Study Guide - COM 316 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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COM 316 Exam 2 Study Guide Hegemony o The relationship between power and culture o They are belief systems that rise to dominance through culture Belief systems are ideologies  o Dominance is a result from struggle People had to fight in order for an ideology to rise o It is never complete There will always be people who will counter hegemonic discourse and go  against popular belief o The idea of “Common Sense” come into play It’s natural Regime of Representation o “Regime” refers to military and dictatorship o Symbolic Racism - Hall Power operates no just through legal/social methods, but through  representations o Ways which the Regime operates Binary Opposition Completely opposite from each other Not in difference but in hierarchy Used to make sense of the rationalized words Example o Culture/nature o Purity/population  Othering A way to divide peoples and cultures Creating the normal deviant (difference) “A strategy of splitting” – Hall Orientalism Way to portray the other binary, the “East” Exposes that we drawn the distinction between things Commodity Racism   Intersectionality
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o Theoretical concept for studying identities Not just identity but relations of power o Holds that classic models of oppression within society, such as race/ethnicity, gender, religion, etc which interrelate creating a system of oppression that reflects “intersection” of multiple forms of discrimination In order to understand privilege and oppression, we must consider several aspects of identities at once We tend to only think of one category at a time o A real world everyday issue o Example: 2008 Presidential Election Obama v Clinton Both are categorized with race and/or gender McCain had age o Example: “I am a man” Image Civil Rights Struggle Period All Black men in this picture Sanitation protest in Memphis The signs shown become emblematic o Example: Scarlett and Mammie (Gone with the Wind)
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COM 316 Exam 2 Study Guide - COM 316 Exam 2 Study Guide...

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