Notes 10-15 - 10-26 - 10/15/07 Vergil/ Vigil (70-19BCE)...

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Vergil/ Vigil (70-19BCE) Virga; sortes vergiliance o Magic wand o Fortune telling with the Aeneid o divination Reign of Augustus(31 BCE-14CE) rule not life Princeps o Republican form of government was hard to have in empire o Last general standing at the ends of civil wars o Princes- title “first head”- king o Senate lost standing as automous political entity Battle of Actium; Defeat of Antony o Antony and Cleopatra fall from power o Civil wars Aeneas- king of Trojans (Iliad 20.307) o Troy is wiped out entirely o Now in ruins? Refugee who left troy o Is he a coward or a traitor Open doors to the Achaeans Son of Venus; Julius Caesar; Roma/Amor o Venus is mother of Aeneas o Venus (Aphrodite) o Roma – amoR =love, erotic love “Arms and the Man” –Iliad and Odyssey o Homer was in the front of Vergil’s mind o Based in Homers poetry o Song about war and man o Tip off reader about Homers Intertextuality o Text weaved into another text o Aeneid into the Iliad o Not clarifying, but making more confusing o Battlefield texts Book One Anger of the gods? o Can anger be a quality of the gods? Line 11 o Juno Hatred of Juno; Carthage o Why? Aeneas is Trojan Judgment of Paris, the apple Ganimed (pretty boy carried off by Zeus) o Carthage Roundabout way lead to the establishment of Rome (Aeneas) Carthage is beloved city Punic Wars (264-241; 218-201; 149-146) o Carthaginian Navy o Have to wipe them out in the last war o 2 nd war almost lead to Rome not existing; Hannibal Residual hostility Aeneas at sea; Juno bribes Aeolus o Anger of gods, is it just? o Storms o Nymph bribe for Aeolus, god of the winds Echo of Iliad, sleep Neptune Reestablishes order; Roman similes o Page 6 line 177 comparison of Neptune to a roman official and how the official would reestablish order o Roman mobs vs. cowards o Officials have ti be in charge o Creating a roman world o Order and chaos Imperial epic? Optimist vs. Pessimist? o Optimist- prasing Roman empire building and Imperialism, violence, Virgil approves o Pessimist- Virgil bases story on victims of Aeneas, critical of Roman empire and Imperialism o battlefields Despair of Aeneas: Man of Bronze? o Name meaning of Aeneas is the man of bronze o Opening line page 4 line 112, emotional, suicidal o Fortune vs. hell o Question fate and fortune from start o Must learn to carry out goals. Landing at Carthage Jupiter Promises Roman imperium (empire) o Olympian scene, Jupiter and Venus o Line 332 Rome will be al powerful, rule the world o Imperium- power, authority over of life and death over all mean and women Trojan war ekphrasis o Meets queen Dido o Ekphrasis detailed description of the war scenes page 17 line 573 o Scenes sympathetic in war to Trojans Visiting Dido; fatal meeting in book four o Dido falls in love with Aeneas o He is leading her on Exile form Tyre (Phoenicia= Lebanon) o Sympathy page 22 line 770 Cupid, not Ascanius- gods don’t help much “son of
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Notes 10-15 - 10-26 - 10/15/07 Vergil/ Vigil (70-19BCE)...

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