Jan%2014%20outline - General properties of transport...

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Biol 2021, Winter 2010 1 Lecture 4 Ch 10, Membrane Structure Membrane protein movement Fig 10-39 Restricting lateral mobility of proteins Fig 10-37 epithelial cells Fig 10-41 cytoskeleton in red blood cells Ch 11, Transport of Small Molecules Permeability and the transport problem Fig 10-1C cell membrane Fig 11-1 permeability of lipid bilayer Solutions to the transport problem Membrane transport and energy Thermodynamics Panel 2-7, Free Energy Table 11-1, Ion concentrations inside and outside of mammalian cell Electrochemical gradient Fig 11-4B Electrochemical gradients Fig 11-4A passive and active transport Membrane transport proteins Fig 11-4A passive and active transport Classification of transport proteins Supplement: Classification
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Unformatted text preview: General properties of transport proteins Fig 10-19, membrane proteins Fig 10-33 Bacteriorhodopsin Fig 11-6 kinetics of transport Channels vs. transporters Transporters and active transport Mechanism Fig 11-5 conformational change Question: passive transport Energy sources Fig 11-7 active transport Light-driven pumps Fig 10-33 Bacteriorhodopsin Coupled transporters DVD video 11.2 carrier proteins Fig 11-8 types of coupled transport Lactose permease Fig 11-10A lactose permease Biol 2021, Winter 2010 2 Na+-glucose transporter DVD video 11.3 glucose uptake Fig 11-9 Na+-glucose symporter Transcellular transport Fig 11-11 transcellular transport...
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Jan%2014%20outline - General properties of transport...

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