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Biol 2021, Winter 2010 1 Lecture 5: Ch 11, Transport of Small Molecules Transcellular transport Fig 11-11 transcellular transport Question: asymmetric transport Question: Na+/glucose symporter ATP-driven pumps Fig 11-12 ATP-driven pumps Na+-K+ Pump Table 11-1 Ion concentrations Fig 11-14 Na+-K+ pump DVD video 11.1 Na-K pump Fig 11-12 ATP-driven pumps H+- ATPase Fig 14-15 ATP synthase Fig 14-19 ATP synthesis and hydrolysis ABC transporters Fig 11-17(B) ABC transporters Ion channels Types of channels Mechanism Fig 11-20 ion channel Channels vs. transporters
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Unformatted text preview: Gating of ion channels Fig 11-21 Gating of ion channels Types of gating Auditory hair cells Fig 23-13a Auditory hair cells Fig 23-13b Microvilli Fig 23-15b Filaments Fig 23-15a How hair cells work Membrane Potential Fig 11-22 ionic basis of membrane potential Question: ion equilibrium Panel 11-2 Nernst equation Neurons Neuron anatomy Fig 11-28 Neuron anatomy Events at the synapse (1) Fig 11-35A chemical synapse Fig 11-35B chemical synapse Transmitter-gated ion channels...
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