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Jan%2021%20outline - When things go wrong at synapses WebCT...

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Biol 2021, Winter 2010 1 Lecture 6 Ch 11, Transport of Small Molecules Transmitter-gated ion channels Table 11-1 ion concentrations Question: acetylcholine gated channels Voltage-gated ion channels Fig 11-29 action potential Propagation of action potential Fig 11-30B Propagation of action potential Question: propagation in one direction DVD video 11.5 Action potentials Events at the synapse (2) Fig 11-35A chemical synapse DVD video 11.6 synaptic signalling Neuromuscular junction Fig 11-36 Neuromuscular junction Fig 11-39 ion channels at NMJ Neurotransmitters Excitatory vs inhibitory neurotransmitters Table 11-1 Ion concentrations Ending the signal at the synapse WebCT figure: Neurotransmitters at synapses
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Unformatted text preview: When things go wrong at synapses WebCT figure: Neurotoxins and Psychoactive Drugs Neurons as computation devices Fig 11-40A motor neuron cell body in spinal cord Fig 11-40B motor neuron cell body in spinal cord Ch 12, Compartments and Protein Sorting Internal organization of cells Fig 1-18 B Bacterial cell Fig 1-18 A Bacterial organization Organelles Fig 12-2 EM of liver cell Compartments Fig 12-1 compartments of an animal cell Fig 12-5 Topological relationships Fig 12-2 EM of liver cell Sorting signals Table 12-3 Signal sequences Types of protein sorting Fig 12-6 Roadmap of protein traffic...
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