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The Announcement to the Prince of Kang translation by James Legge (with modifications) from the History 1. In the third month, when the moon began to wane, the Duke of Zhou commenced the foundations and proceeded to build the new great city at Luo of the eastern states. The people from every quarter assembled in great harmony. From the Hou, Dian, Nan, Cai, and Wei domains, the various officers stimulated this harmony of the people, and introduced them to the tasks there were to be done for Zhou. The Duke of Zhou encouraged all to diligence, and made a great announcement about the performance of the works. 2. "The king speaks to this effect: 'Head of the princes, my younger brother, little one, Feng.' It was your greatly distinguished father, King Wen, who was able to make bright his Virtue and be careful in the use of punishments. He did not dare to show any contempt to the widower and widows. He employed the employable, and revered the reverend; he was terrible to those who needed to be awed: so getting distinction among the people. It was thus he laid the first beginnings of the sway of our small portion of the Empire, and the one or two neighboring countries were brought under his improving influence, until throughout our western regions all placed in him their reliance. The fame of him ascended up to the High God, and God approved. Heaven gave a great charge to King Wen, to exterminate the great dynasty of Yin [i.e., Shang], and receive its great mandate, so that the various states belonging to it and their peoples were brought to an orderly condition. Then your unworthy elder brother [i.e., the Duke of Zhou] exerted himself, and so it is that you, Feng, the little one, are here in this eastern region.'" 3. "The king says, 'Oh, Feng, bear these things in mind. Now your management of the people will depend on your reverently following your father Wen: do you carry out his virtuous words which you have heard, and clothe yourself with them. Moreover, where you go, seek out extensively among the traces of the former wise kings of Yin what you may use in protecting and regulating their people. Again, you must more remotely study the old accomplished men on Shang, that you may establish your heart, and know how to instruct the people. Further, still, you must seek out besides what is to be learned of the wise kings of antiquity, and employ it in the tranquilizing and protecting of the people. Finally, enlarge your thoughts to the comprehension of all Heavenly principles, and Virtue will be richly displayed in your person, so that you will not render nugatory the king's mandate.'" 4. "The king says, 'Oh, Feng, the little one, it is as if some disease were in your person; be respectfully careful. Heaven in its awfulness yet helps the sincere. The feelings of the people can for the most part be discerned, but it is difficult to calculate on the attachment of the lower classes. Where you go,
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employ all your heart. Do not seek repose, not be fond of idleness or
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Kanggao&Shaogao - UGA 2150B: Chinese Culture and Its...

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