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Notes 10-29 - 10-31

Notes 10-29 - 10-31 - Livy(59 BCE-17 CE 753 BCE Ab Urbe...

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10/29/07 Livy (59 BCE-17 CE) 753 BCE; Ab Urbe Condita; o During the Augustan era o Over 40 books written o Don’t have many of them, more then half of them were lost o –from the founding of the city (Ab Urbe Condita), though it deals with events that occurred before the founding of the city Annals; Pontifex Maximus o Annals- means year by year history of Rome, show what happened in each year of Rome (in the year that so and so was council there was …some omen happened) o Based on Pontifex Maximus (the high priest) of Rome o He would set up a tablet in the center of Rome that gave and accounting of events and omens in the previous year) o Earliest writer of the annals of Rome o Religious act of some kind Why write about ancient stories? o To tell the current history of Rome. o What is interesting to the people of the age. o There is much more to learn for listening to the stories of the current civil war, and there is a need to return to the ancient stories Moral decline; Republic became Empire o Growth of empire is connected to the moral decline o The civil wars are a direct result of the more decline o History is cyclic History as a remedy; models of the past o Page 34 CP o Moral decline occurs as a gradual process that went on and on until it was unbearable o Studying history is a sure for the human mind, it will have examples and warnings, of what to do and what to avoid o Rome is rotting, it is a moral sickness that can’t seem to be overcome unless it is cleaned up by looking at the models of the past Rome corrupted by wealth o Decadence lead to a pleasure life which lead to a life of endless greed. o Poverty when hand in hand with contentment o Poverty makes you virtuous- this seems a little counter intuitive o Wealth leads to corruption of Rome o Wealth and pleasure and excess become a fascination of death both individual and the collective, and corruption Aeneas and Antenor (companion of Aeneas) Spared by the Greeks o In hurry to get past the idea of getting out of troy o Didn’t escape, but chose to spare him, why? o Pg 35, because they had worked constantly to the reconstruction of Greece and of Helen that they were allowed to escape unmolested Venetians established by Antenor o Trace themselves back to Antenor o Livy was born in the region of the Venetians “hey look I go way back to the ancestors of the Trojans… Aeneas” Two versions of Latinus’ reaction o Two versions of events o Reaction 1- accepted Aeneas and welcomed him to the land o Reaction 2- a fight broke out between Latinus and Aeneas, the Latin’s and the Trojans. When was Ascanius born? Iulus? o Problems o Sons of Aeneas, is it two people or just one person? o Touchy issue because of Ceaser tracing himself back to Aeneas o Who what the founder of Alba Longa?
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