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Unformatted text preview: ERG2020A: Xilinx Foundation ISE Schematic Design Guide Author: Tang Wai Chung, Matthew Date: 26/9/2003 (Revised 2007) In this guide, the general procedure to create a project for schematic design in Xilinx Foundation ISE 1.5i student edition will be provided. Students should be able to follow the guide and operate the GUI step by step. Key: ⋆ Windows’ title are enclosed by a pair of ”,”. ⋆ Buttons’ caption are shown in courier font. INSTALLATION 1. Insert installation CD into your PC. 2. If it does not auto-start, open $cdrom: \ SETUP.EXE, where $cdrom is your CDROM drive. 3. ”Welcome”: press Next . 4. ”Software License Agreement”: press Yes after you have read the whole agreement. 5. ”User Information”: fill in your name, company and CD Key. 6. ”Type of Install”: default is typical install. Take this. Press Next . 7. ”Choose Destination Location”: Use default path. Press Next . 8. ”Select Software Components to Install”: Take default setting, only the last option is unchecked. Press Next . 9. ”Select Base Implementation Devices”: Select only Spartan XCS05 thru XCS40. Uncheck all others. Press Next . 10. ”Select Program Folder”: Use default folder. Press Next . 11. ”Select Registry Settings”: change nothing. Press Next . 12. ”Start Copying Files”: Press Next . 13. Wait till the installation finished and you’re done....
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This note was uploaded on 05/18/2010 for the course ENGINEERIN ERG2020A taught by Professor Leekinhong during the Spring '07 term at CUHK.

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xlnx_guide - ERG2020A: Xilinx Foundation ISE Schematic...

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