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IEG4180 Network Software Design and Programming Page 1 IEG4180 N ETWORK S OFTWARE D ESIGN AND P ROGRAMMING DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION ENGINEERING THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG MID-TERM EXAMINATION 2004/2005 TERM 2, TIME ALLOWED: 1 HOUR 30 MINS (A NSWER ALL QUESTIONS . TOTAL 100 MARKS . N OTE : K EEP YOUR ANSWERS CONCISE AND TO THE POINT . M ARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR IRRELEVANT ANSWERS .) 1. Synchronous Sockets Programming (40 marks) Consider developing a new concurrent-server-type network application to run in the Windows operating system. (a) Briefly explain how to implement the concurrent server (i.e., serving multiple connections simultaneously) using blocking I/O. (4 marks) (b) Another possibility is to use non-blocking I/O and polling. Is this a good choice? Explain briefly. (4 marks) (c) For blocking system calls such as connect() the blocking time can vary in different scenarios. Give and briefly explain: one scenario where connect() will block for a short time, and a second scenario where connect() will block for a longer time. (8 marks)
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midterm_2005_Spring_questions - IEG4180 NETWORK SOFTWARE...

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