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IEG4180 Network Software Design and Programming Page 1 IEG4180 N ETWORK S OFTWARE D ESIGN AND P ROGRAMMING DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION ENGINEERING THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG MID-TERM EXAMINATION 2006/2007 TERM 2, TIME ALLOWED: 1 HOUR 30 MINS (A NSWER ALL QUESTIONS . TOTAL 100 MARKS . N OTE : K EEP YOUR ANSWERS CONCISE AND TO THE POINT . M ARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR IRRELEVANT ANSWERS .) 1. Fundamentals of Sockets Programming (40 marks) (a) Explain the differences between blocking and non-blocking function calls. (3 marks) (b) Without the use of multi-threading briefly explain how one can implement a concurrent server using only blocking I/O. (3 marks) (c) Another possibility is to use non-blocking I/O and polling. Is this a good choice? Explain briefly. (4 marks) (d) For a stream socket it is necessary to set the listen queue size via the listen() API function. Explain briefly the purpose of the queue (4 marks), and explain the effect when the queue size is too short (3 marks) and too long (3 marks). (e)
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midterm_2007_Spring_questions - IEG4180 NETWORK SOFTWARE...

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