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Tutorial-4 Sample exercise Part I: Solution of quiz-1 Part II: Sample exercise of “Laser and Transmitters” 1. A laser with a central wavelength at 1.542μm is to be devised. Assume InP is used as the cladding material. Find a suitable material for the active layer and specify the fraction of each individual atom. 2. Assume a Fabry-Perot laser cavity has length=60μm, width=10μm, thickness=0.25μm, refractive index=3.5, and internal absorption α=20cm -1 . The reflectivities of two cavity end facets are 0.3 and 0.5,
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Unformatted text preview: respectively. (a) Find the number of longitudinal modes between 1540nm and 1560nm. (b) Find the total cavity loss and the photon lifetime. (c) If the threshold current is I th =3mA. Find the corresponding threshold current density. (d) If the pump current is 15mA, what is the number of photons generated per second? (e) Briefly discuss the factors that can improve the laser modulation bandwidth....
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