Notes 11-19 - 11-30

Notes 11-19 - 11-30 - A New Civil War(68-69 a little over a...

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11/19/07 A New Civil War (68-69)- a little over a year • Galba- general who has a province in Spain, not relationship to Caesar , killed by the guards • Otho- party buddy of Nero, put in place by the guards, neonero, kills him self • Vitellius- take by force, with troops, also emulated Nero in how he governs, huge feasts, fat old general , killed by 1000 cuts abused and mocked • Barracks’ Emperors ( Imperator )- Problem of Succession, became emperor because of their troops not by the backing of the senate The Flavians • Vespasian’s early career- successful general in England, Judea, and survivor • Jewish uprising in Judaea- ended with the great siege of Judea, ended with the rebels killing themselves • Defeat of Vitellius; Domitian disguised as priest of Isis- in Egypt to get money to pay off, Rome is burning Domitian is the younger bad son of Vitellius, escapes Rome as a priest of Isis • Destruction of the Temple- well fortified, people hid their • Triumph of Vespasian and Titus • Domitian rides a white horse- youngest son, angry, has a complex about it • Arch of Titus- survived to now Vespasian (69-79) • Healing the blind and the lame- seen as a holy man • Office of censor- restoring the Senate- trying to get rid of corruption • No more liberty for Greece- new taxes • Taxation; urine tax- tax the use of public bathrooms (a little insane) • Prominence of astrology- very big, for both Romans and Greeks, fatalism, as a personal astrology • “Dear me! I must be turning into a god.”- while he was dieing, natural death Titus (79-81) • Friend of Britannicus, son of Claudius- similar to Titus • Fears of insurrection against Vespasian- take over his father • Command of the Praetorian Guards- show of faith from father • Fatherly feelings towards Roman citizens- liked the idea of taking care of his “family” • Punishments of informers- hated informers • No punishment of Domitian
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Domitian (81-96)- made a bad name for himself, most likely killed Titus • Establishes temple for the Flavians (his family, Vespasian, and Titus)- place where he was born • Title: Lord and God- insistence that people refer to him as such • Renewed persecution of the Christians- pagan Romans saw Christians as being unwilling to acknowledge to swear oaths to the emperors as gods. • Pious Domitian; pontifex maximus- greatest priest in Rome, Minerva • Punishment of Vestals; buried alive- for not being virgins • New secular games based on Augustan calculations • Gladiatorial shows featuring women- this was questionable • Manual of hair care- ironic because he was bald Domitian’s Cruelty • Change in status of informers • Increasing pay for soldiers • Banishing of the philosophers- insulting to him, even if public discourse, took things way to personally • Took wife Domitia Longina from previous husband Aelius Lamia • Execution of astrologer Ascletario- made a prophaicy of Domitions death with date and time, domition was angry “tell us how you
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Notes 11-19 - 11-30 - A New Civil War(68-69 a little over a...

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