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GRA111 Graphic Design History I Fall 2007 Quiz Review #4 Chapters 11, 12, and 13 1. During which years was art nouveau the prevalent decorative style? 1890-1910 2. What are the visual characteristics of art nouveau? Plant-like lines. Whiplash curves, vines and twisting stems, flowers, birds, female forms. 3. Where and when did art nouveau begin? In the Salon de L’Art Nouveau, 1895, Paris. 4. Meggs claims that art nouveau “unified decoration, structure, and intended function.” How was this different from Victorian design? 5. How was it that the art nouveau style spread so quickly throughout Europe and to America? Mass transportation and mass communication made it an international style. 6. What was Jules Chéret’s contribution to graphic design? What was his background? Apprenticed as a lithographer, saw the potential of lithographic poster to replace typographic letterpress posters. 7. What was Eugéne Grasset’s contribution to graphic design? What was his background? Designed furniture stained glass textiles and books, History of Four Young Men of Aymon, important for its integration of illustrations, format, and typography. 8. What was The Studio ? First of nearly a dozen new European art periodicals that began in the 1890s. 9. What was Aubrey Beardsley’s contribution to graphic design? Why was he called the enfant terrible of art nouveau? Striking pen line, vibrant black and white, shockingly exotic imagery. His work was risqué. 10. What was Alphonse Mucha’s contribution to graphic design? Describe the women he illustrated. Central female figure, surrounded by stylized forms. The women project an archetypal sense of unreality. Exotic, sensuous and yet maiden like, they express no specific age, nationality, age, or historical period. 11. What is the connection between art nouveau and logo design? Logos in the art nouveau styles were very effective for trademarks. 12. Who was Ethel Reed? She was the first American woman to achieve national prominence as a graphic designer. 13. What was Edward Penfield’s connection to Harper’s magazine? What were his covers like? He was the art director for Harper and Brothers publication from 1891-1901. 14. What was the Nieuwe Kunst? How was this influenced by “primitive” cultures? The art nouveau movement in the Netherlands. Balance by a penchant for the primitive and independence from accepted norms. 15.
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Quiz_Review_4 - GRA111 Graphic Design History I Fall 2007...

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