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William Song Word Count: 2905 3/10/08 and Use of CMD in Males and Females Introduction Ever since the arrival of internet-based communication, the trend for using computer mediated discourse has become widespread. Communication between people have been improved by the internet’s instant messaging systems, but the communication which occurs online differs when talking to a person mainly due to the cases of nonstandard spelling in internet communication. The two are completely different in terms of the message they portray; one style of communication is behind the computer whereas the other is in front of a person. Many students and socially bonded individuals have their own way of communicating online with a friend as can be seen through such social networking websites like, myspace, and The internet is starting to provide for a language that is “homogenized”(Crystal, p.6) as a whole to cater to the individuals that frequent the internet to communicate with people. The purpose behind this paper is to test the theory of whether or not females use more CMD or computer mediated discourse than their male counterparts on such social network sites like and myspace. CMD is the process by which “people create, receive, and perceive information using networked telecommunications systems that facilitate encoding, transmitting, and decoding messages.”(Romiszowski and Mason, 398) Myspace is another social networking site which incorporates the use of a website to introduce oneself to the public by ease of posting up pictures and personal information. Both and are social networking websites for students and for anyone interested in maintaining relationships through the school or workplace users have affiliations with. With the facebook wall to wall, users have a way to communicate with others through CMD. The quality of the CMD can be judged by the amount of words used which consists mainly of CMD and its role in communicating which “improves the user’s ability to connect faster through the internet due to the cognitive function being limited to more than one person at a time.” (Herring, p, 618). The special
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features on facebook like the public profile play a role in the evidence behind the rise of computer mediated discourse, “however their potential as sites for language learning remains largely unexplored.”(Thorne, p. 377) The wall to walls is where the actual SMS or short messaging system is found, the usage of CMD in these features enables one to post messages using nonstandard spelling that is prevalent in internet sites. Moreover, the quantity of the use of nonstandard spelling in social networking websites have decreased, but the quality of such CMD has increased. College students are viewed as steady examples of a group of people that are constantly meeting new people and in a time where relationships are being built. A resource such as the internet helps in
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CMD - William Song 3/10/08 Word Count: 2905

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