Consolidation - = 97.42% Height of Voids ( H V ) The height...

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Discussion 1. Water Content at End of Test The water content is given by the following equation: Thus, the data collected from the lab results in the following end-of-test water content: = . - . . = . % w 104 75 81 1581 15 29 08 2. Height of Solids ( H S ) The height of solids is obtained by dividing the volume of the solid per given area of solid: Thus, the data collected from the lab results in a H S of 9.75mm. Void Ratio at start of Test The void ratio is given by the following expression: Thus, e
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Unformatted text preview: = 97.42% Height of Voids ( H V ) The height of voids is given by finding the difference between the height of the original sample and the height of the solids alone: H v = H o H Thus, the respective height of voids is 9.24mm at the start of the test. 3. The changes in void ratio during the test can be described in terms of changes in sample height because the area remains constant. Thus, it similar to expressing it in terms of change in volume....
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