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1 ** Important Notice Concerning Lecture Material ** These files contain most, but not all, overhead material presented in lecture (e.g., some material may be altered or addedinlasminute changes) added in last-minute changes). The best use of these file is to print them out and take notes on them during lectures. Æ WARNING: Perfect knowledge of this material will not guarantee an A in the course. Important details will be presented in lectures but are not in these pdf files. Thus, it is very important that you attend lecture and discussion sections. Section 3: Biological Foundations 3) Biological Foundations 3.1: Basic Anatomy 2) Research Methods 3.3: Brain/Behavior Methods a) Behavioral Genetics b) Neuroimaging Methods Psychology 1 Spring 2010 Section 3b: Biological Foundations
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2 BEHAVIOR From Genes to Behavior • Genes ¾ Segments of amino acids on DNA ¾ Codes for production of all proteins Gene ti tion Æ protein s nthesi Protein Physiological Systems ¾ Gene activation protein synthesis • Protein synthesis ¾ Production of all organic matter ¾ ~70,000 different proteins in humans • Physiological systems ¾ Organization of protein Internal External Environment Gene Activation Synthesis Organization of proteins heart, muscle, brain, etc. • Environmental Factors ¾ Internal: chemical context ¾ External: social influences Environment BEHAVIOR From Genes to Behavior • Genotype ¾ Set of inherited genes
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Psy1-2010-3b_Biological - Psychology 1 Spring 2010 Section...

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