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Spring 2010 Psychology 1 Set 2 Study Guide Don’t forget to bring a SCANTRON form (Red Form No. F-288) and pencil to the exam Set 2 Study Guide, Page 3 Exam 2: Tuesday, April 6 Exam 2 will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions and cover lecture material from Feb 18 to Mar 18 and Chapters 5 -10. This study guide and the others in this section will help you study for Exam 2 and the Final. You will need a SCANTRON form (Red Form No. F-288) and pencil for the exam. Topic 7: Cognitive Psychology I. You should be able to provide a 2-3 sentence description from memory of the following terms: mental rotation chunking elaborative rehearsal levels of processing schema consolidation encoding specificity declarative memory flashbulb memories II. You should be able to write a 1-page essay from memory for each of these study questions. 1. Describe the general principles, components, and processes of the Atkinson & Shiffrin information processing (i.e., modal memory) model. In your answer, describe how
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