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Unformatted text preview: Case name: Saudi Arabia v. Nelson, Supreme Court of the United States, 1993, page 1022 Facts: : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates King Faisal’s Hospital in Riyadh and Royspec purchasing Services in United States which is hospital’s corporate purchasing agent. There was an advertisement for a job position in hospital in Riyadh, which brought the interest of Scott Nelson in September 1983. He applied for the position, and after tests and tryouts, he got the job as monitoring systems engineer in the Hospital in Riyadh. Hospital Corporations of America (HCA) identified Royspec as point of contact i9n the US for Nelson’s family members in emergency cases. Nelson did his job fine, until he encountered a problem with oxygen pipes which posed a problem for the entire hospital. On September 27, 1984 certain Hospital officials summoned Nelson to the Hospital's security office where agents of the Saudi Arabia arrested him. Nelson was transported to the jail cell where he lived in difficult conditions, without food and exposed to violence. Nelson was forced to sign a statement written in Arabic language, he didn't know the content of i, a Hospital employee who was supposed to be his agent advised him to sign anything which will be offered to him. At the prison, Nelson lived in difficult conditions. Officials of the United States Embassy concluded made no protest to Saudi authorities. On November 5, 1984 Nelson was released at the request of Senator....
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Adi_Hadzic_Case_Briefs_Chapter47 - Case name Saudi Arabia v...

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