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CSCI 573 2010 Homework Assignment 1 Due: Feb 9th, 2010 before the class 12:30pm (either in person or electronically) 1 Basic probabilities Q properties on page 25, as well as provide a counterexample to the intersection property when the distribution P is positive. Q 2 Bayesian network: representation Q reasonable realistic example. Q Q shows only for a speci±c graph and should not be used as a general proof.) Q properties, we can derive local Markov independencies. Please consult the slide(s) for a hint.
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Unformatted text preview: Q 7 (5pts) The textbook describes an algorithm (Algorithm 3.1 on pp. 75) to determine whether X and Y are d-separated by Z in a Bayesian network. Run this algorithm on the Bayesian network in Fig. 3.6 to determine whether X and W are d-separated by Y . You need to turn in traces of running the algorithm. Namely, show the values of the variables ( L , A for steps 2-9, and L , V and R from steps 12- 34) every time they change. Q 8 (10pts) Exercise 3.28. You do not have to implement in a specic programming language. However, you need to explain your algorithm well, particularly i) why it is correct? ii) why it is more ecient than running Algorithm 3.1 for every possible source variable X i . Specically, what is the computational complexity of your algorithm? 1...
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